“Take spirit, heart, gold & diamonds and mix them together. What do you get? An iconic portrait of our acid times, translated into fashion art, and transcended by the energy of youth. JIMI JANIS let’s the mind run free like that of a child, and with that curiosity creates exclusive pieces with contrast and humor. A couture fashion brand with an instant capture of luxurious irony.”  A triptyque by JIMI JANIS (YOUNGEST, YOUNGER, FOREVER YOUNG)

JIMI JANIS, is a new brand, emphasizing on the importance of exclusive pieces, made by choosing and assembling only those elements that raise the bar higher. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted. Pure luxury not only in spirit but in quality. Dedicated to its own private clients through its Special Orders, JIMI JANIS knows how to provide Couture Luxury with an impeccable service, combining a unique “savoir-faire” and, most importantly, the experience of creation.

JIMI JANIS collaborates with the best craftsmen such as LemariéSalomon and Jakob Schlaepfer, renowned for their feather embroideries, furs and fabrics.

All pieces are produced exclusively in France.